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Prison and the Trans Experience: A Log of Systematic Neglect

Joshua "Farrah" Barney pled guilty to probation violation on May 15th, 2017, after a six month stay in jail. The following log details some of the struggles she faced during the 3-year stay in men's prison, starting with Alhambra Detention Facility.


PREA - The Prison Rape Elimination Act passed in 2003 with unanimous support from both parties in Congress. The purpose of the act was to “provide for the analysis of the incidence and effects of prison rape in Federal, State, and local institutions and to provide information, resources, recommendations and funding to protect individuals from prison rape.” In addition to creating a mandate for significant research from the Bureau of Justice Statistics and through the National Institute of Justice, funding through the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the National Institute of Corrections supported major efforts in many state correctional, juvenile detention, community corrections, and jail systems.

DO810 - Arizona DOC Department Order #810 defines policy regarding the care of LGBTI inmates, and outlines special procedures for screening and housing Transgender inmates. DO810 overrides statutes outlined DO704 except where specifically stated otherwise.

DO708 - Arizona DOC Department Order #708 defines policy regarding contraband search and strip-searching inmates.

DO704 - Arizona DOC Department Order #704 defines policy regarding inmate appearance and personal affects.

CIU - Criminal Investigations Unit.

CPO - Correctional Peace Officer. This title is specific to private prison officers.

CO - Corrections Officer.

Kite - An inmate letter to staff.

Alhambra - Alhambra Reception is a detention center in Phoenix, AZ that serves as temporary prison housing while inmates are processed and screened for permanent housing.

CACF - The Central Arizona Correctional Facility is a medium-custody private prison in Florence, under contract with the Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation & Reentry to provide custody and treatment to 1,280 adult male inmates who have demonstrated a need for sex inmate treatment. The facility opened in December 2006, and is operated and managed by The GEO Group.

Eyman - Eyman Prison is state correctional campus in Florence, AZ made up of individual, separated detention facilities or "yards" that differ in security level and housing type.

Meadows Unit - Meadows is the medium security yard within Eyman campus.

The Log

20-May-2017 | Alhambra Detention Center

PREA standards outlined in DO810 section 2.2.4 dictate that if an inmate identifies as transgender, they are not to be compelled by prison staff to verify said status by exposing their genitals. However, during my short stay at the Alhambra processing facility, I was approached by one of the staff doctors to verify whether I was pre-op or post-op transgender. I answered that I did not have gender affirmation surgery, but doctor asked me to strip naked to examine my body anyway.

I would find out until much later that this was a PREA violation, and I should not have been classified or examined in this way.



May/Jun-2017 @ 0830 | CACF
My run, 3-Dog, was subjected to a search and a weapon was allegedly found. The yard was locked down and inmates were called back to 3-Dog for an extensive search, to include strip-search. I flagged down CPO B****** to voice my concerns about being strip-searched by male officers. I was dismissed, and told to follow another officer out to the day-room on HU3. As I waited my turn, I explained to the male officers present that I identify as female, I have been on HRT for roughly 3 years (at this point), and that I have female breasts; and for that reason, I request a female officer to do the body search. One of the male officers told me to wait a moment, and went back to 3-Dog to ask the staff about my request.

When he returned, he told me that I would not get a female officer to do the body search (despite many being present). He also reminded me that they refused this request the last time I voiced the same concern. After repeated attempts to not have my body violated were dismissed, I conceded. I told the officers that I was okay with the search, but I maintained that I did not consent to it. My statement was acknowledged verbally, and I was led into a utility closet where I was told to take my clothes off. I did as ordered. Despite multiple officers being present for the body search, only a single male officer conducted the search, and was not monitored by the others to ensure proper procedure.
After I was completely naked in front of the male officer in the closet, he instructed me to do a rotation, and then bend over, posterior facing him. After a few moments, he was satisfied and I was then told that I could put my clothes back on, but I was interrupted before I could. The officer stopped me and asked me to remove my hair tie and shake out my hair. I did as ordered and was rewarded by finally being allowed to dress. After completing the body search, the officer ordered me to proceed outside for count.

Outside, I approached Detective D******. He claimed to be really busy; his demeanor was irritated. I told him I wished to file a PREA complaint due to my strip-search policy request being denied. He sighed in exasperation and told me that the decision had already been made; that I couldn’t make that request; that DOC policy says so. I disagreed, informing him that I had the exact policy in hand, and that it did not say that. He was not happy, and told the officer with him to take me aside and “sit on him” (an order to detain me).  I was ordered to go to medical and that the other officer would escort me.

Once in medical, I explained to the staff that I was here because I requested a female officer to conduct my body search, was denied, and was instead strip-searched by a male officer. The staff discussed the issue among themselves and recalled the Warden saying that I would be denied such things. After a short wait, I was led into an exam room to have my vitals checked. After the vitals were done, Therapist K****** stepped in to do a mental evaluation. I told her what happened, why I was upset, the history of my (poor) treatment in other detention facilities, including one where I was almost raped by another inmate and the incident was swept on the rug. I also told her of the treatment I received here at CACF, that my first pat-down; how I was denied transgender-specific search policy and was groped by male officers; how they verbally “woo”-ed at me when I shook my hair out; how I was concerned about retaliation for even bring this up. She then explained her observation my ambivalence; how I apparently liked to be seen as a trail-blazer, but was also distressed by the consequences. I responded that I am allowed to stand up for my human rights, and also not be happy about retaliation. Any mention of transgender-specific policy was quickly diverted. K****** would only respond that neither of us were attorneys and we had no control over it. She offered the idea of radical acceptance; to accept things we cannot change and just move on from them. K****** promised to follow up with me later before leaving.

I then reported the incident to CIU, but I did not feel I was given agency to describe the event truthfully, and ultimately answered that, despite making me uncomfortable, the officers were professional in conducting the body search. I did not want to risk retaliation by being boldly honest in the report.

Note: I requested to place a phone call to acquire legal guidance on these issues, but I denied.


Jun/Jul-2017 | CACF

Within the first few days of being at CACF I spoke with CPO S****** about receiving a default set of bras. She stated that she did not know what policy was on that, but would look into it. Several visits after that resulted in the same answer, but with the additional suggestion of purchasing a bra from store.

Others have echoed the same sentiments, including a lieutenant at intake, and Detective D******, who instructed me to wash my bra in the pod “discreetly” to prevent being written up for violating CACF’s policy. This was spoken to me during a meeting with a PREA coordinator (I forget the exact title) in which they asked me how I was faring, safety-wise, and asked if there was anything else they could look into. I brought up the bra issue again, and the possibility of bringing makeup to the yard for transgender persons to use. Again, the answer was that they would look into policy, and I was reminded that bras were available for purchase from the prison store.

I still pushed for a default set of bras, but did as instructed, making a purchase from the store one 34 size bra (sports). I initially thought the order went through, but upon attempting to pick up my items at the property window I was informed the order did not go through, and my account was refunded the cost.

Noticing beforehand that there were two varieties of bra to order, I decided to hedge my bets, and while waiting for the first bra to come in, I ordered a second variety. The next week, during pod delivery of commissary, I was informed that the variety of bra constituted an unauthorized item, and was rejected. Only sports bras would be available for purchase.

I reordered the correct variety (sports) bra, this time, and waited patiently for its arrival, only to find out in examining a notice posted on the property window that my specific item number of bra was “Out of stock”. I received no refund.

Throughout this, at each point of discovering my orders had been denied, I and another inmate spoke with CPO S****** and other staff about the problem. I heard the warden was digging in on not delivering default bras to the yard, and I was told now that I had to purchase them, since even inmates in women’s facilities had to buy extras. No one seemed to know, or wanted to tell what default allotment of bras was typically received at women’s facilities, because I find it hard to believe that it would consist of only a single bra on intake.

As of writing this, I still have not been refunded for the bras I did not receive, and I have no more funds to attempt another purchase. Now I must walk around embarrassed because it is very obvious I have no bra under my shirt, and I do not know when that will change; when I’ll be able to swap bras to clean or wear so I do not have to endure this humiliation.

On the 7th of July I personally spoke with the deputy warden, and aired my frustration with the lack of progress, and wondered why in this instance provisions shouldn’t be made to sidestep normal channels to expedite the process; that it was in the hands of the contractor who deals with the store. He said he would make a note to look into what the hold-up is.

I spoke with CPO S****** immediately afterward, and she was surprised the bra issue was still ongoing. I told her there is no excuse at this point, and that the warden and others were acting in a cowardly, dishonorable way by not taking any initiative to solve the problem in another way since normal channels were not working. I said I did not understand why they could not call up another DOC facility with bras onsite (of which Alhambra and Lower Buckeye Jail had them readily available – multiple ones, even), tell them to toss them on the next prison transport, and be done with it. I told her of the warden’s stance, and she said she would bring it up in a meeting soon, and also inform another on staff who will return next Monday.

Of course, posted again yesterday on the property window was an out-of-stock list, and bras were on it.

Update: Eventually, CPO S****** passed the bra issue up to Contracts Officer F****** who pressed the issue with the commissary supply company, and a bra was finally able to be purchased through the prison store.

26-Jul-2017 @ 0915 | CACF

I was called into CPO B******’s office and we discussed the strip search issue. She said S****** (who is a DOC head, I think) has been updated on the situation, policies are going to be scrutinized, and discussions are to be had about a potential compromise on handling body searches of transgender inmates. She went on to explain that I require a male body search because I have “male parts”, but I also require a female body search because I have “female parts, too.” She argued that two officers should be present: A male officer to do the body search, and a female officer to keep an eye on the male officer.

She confessed that the whole matter rubbed her the wrong way, and that special consideration should be taken into account. She further stated that DOC Head S****** will be meeting with the Deputy Warden to ensure that that compromise is made. Sadly, CPO B****** said this will be a long process, and I’m not likely to see a change any time soon.

We also discussed the bra issue, as I went to the library earlier to examine DOC policy. While looking into LGBTI-specific DOC policy, I discovered an entry regarding inmate undergarments that said determination of transgender status, in which the inmate has female breast and is housed with male inmates requires that said inmate must be given bras (plural) by medical (DO810 section 2.3.3). 

CPO B****** responded that that was still being discussed with administration, and commented that it was stupid that this dilemma has been going on for two months. I voiced my concern that the warden had in fact lied to me about this policy, telling me my only option was to order a bra through commissary (which wasn’t a solution, either).

Update: After two months of repeatedly ordering bras via commissary, having them rejected or otherwise not delivered, and also not receiving a refund, I finally managed to receive a bra. However, I still received a reprimand (violation) for washing my bra in the sink so I wouldn’t lose the only one I had.


Aug -2017 | CACF

I had a stalker who lived in the same pod as me in 3-Dog, and despite my complaints of him shower-sharking me, no one would do anything about it. This was probably because I rejected the white yard head for sexual favors, and was hanging out more with other races. Instead of dealing with the problem personally, the white yard head took the issue to the cops (which should be a no-no), and now it seemed like I had snitched out my stalker.

Worse, everyone turned against me. When I was given an option to move to another yard, I dug in, but then I was taken aside by the pod rep and informed I was done on this yard, and if I didn't leave that night, I was going to get smashed. I tried to expedite my move, but the staff seemed intent to stall. They probably hated my guts because I was stirring up trouble by standing my ground on the earlier transgender issues. They wanted me to tell them who was threatening me. That would have put me in even more danger, though, and I wasn't going to snitch.

I refused, and even though me just saying I was in danger was justification enough to pull me out, they decided I would stay until I gave them a name. My only option left to ensure my safety was to break the rules and refuse to return to house. I was hit with a formal violation for refusal to house and disobeying a direct order, and 2 months were added to my prison sentence for trying to protect myself.

Even then, CACF staff refused to move me. They kept me in solitary for two weeks without any phone, mail, or yard privilege to try and sweat me out. After two week, though, I made it clear to them that I wasn’t going to go back, and so I received an official transfer to Meadows Unit at Eyman Prison.


17-Dec-2017 @ 1300 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

I was leaving East Visitation and CO L****** asked to strip search me before I left. I then asked for a female officer to be present for the search (per PREA regulations), and he told me that was not done, and one was not available. He also asked me if I had a penis, to which I responded “yes.” He said that (having a penis) meant I couldn’t ask for a female officer to be present.

I informed him that under federal directive I am allowed to ask for one. He decided to forego the strip search, saying he trusted me, but that if I wanted to push this, that future visitations might be affected for me (in that I might have them revoked) while this was sorted out. He then asked me if I had documentation to support my assertion, and I said “yes”. He reaffirmed they (the prison) would look into it, and that they would likely call me out later to discuss the issue. I felt CO L****** was understanding and respectful (after a while), seeing that I was uncomfortable. I was allowed to leave without being strip-searched.

17-Dec-2017 @ 1530 | Eyman – Meadow Unit

I was met by CO L****** again in my run, 10-A, and was asked to accompany him to meet other officers to discuss the strip search issue. I met officers C******, Cu*****, and D****** along with Lee at the gate below Yard Control. I made my case for DO708, which gave me the right to ask for a female officer to be present for pat-downs and body searches.

CO C****** told me I was wrong; that I “misquoted” policy; that the policy only affected female prison facilities, and that it didn’t apply to me because I was in a male facility. CO C****** continued to explain these policies are in effect, for all intents, because I have male genitalia and therefore I am a man. Sgt Cu***** also added that if females were to do strip searches, they would see a man’s penis, and that isn’t allowed. She spoke this after I tried to interject that transgender inmates are different, and deserve special consideration.

Once Sgt Cu***** finished speaking, I stressed that (feminine) transgender inmates are considered part of the female policy, quoting relevant documentation from the ACLU regarding transgender rights in incarceration. CO C****** asked if that was federal laws, and I said “yes”. CO C****** then said that as far as things stand right now, they (Eyman Prison) are secure in their current mode of operation with policy, and unless things change in policy, they cannot accommodate me. He said that I could meet with my CO-III, and with him to write a kite on the issue to see what could be resolved.

I brought up my continued reservation, and my treatment on the last yard, how I was repeatedly groped. Cu***** informed me that if anyone acted this way on this yard, it would be dealt with, and I needed to inform her if that was happening. I was then excused.

20-Dec-2017 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

Our run, 10-A, was searched intensively. I was made to strip naked, alone, in front of Officer Lo***** at the furthest shower. He had no accompaniment, and had a smile on his face. I handed him my glasses, hair tie, then removed my shirt, panties, and bra in that order. He was going to continue the strip search, but after I removed my bra he didn’t follow up on the command to have my mouth, ears, and hair visually inspected, nor did he complete the “cough” check. I put my clothes back on after he was satisfied.

Afterwards, I was led out into the day room with the other inmates for several minutes. We were then led ten at a time outside to stand before the baseball backstop, still in our shirts, boxers, and sandals. We were commanded to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, hands at our sides, as a drug-sniffing dog sniffed our backsides. Then, we were told to squat and bend over as the dog made another pass. After that, we were instructed to sit on the dugout benches until the inside search was concluded. We sat outside in the cold and waited for more than 45 minutes before being allowed back indoors.

26-Feb-2018 @ 1530 | Eyman – Meadows Unit
CO J****** allowed a group of inmates to pass through the center gate, my included, as we were returning from evening meds. CO J****** patted down several inmates ahead of me, and I noticed he was swiping his hands down each of the inmate’s chests as part of the search. Being a transgender woman, I did not want my breasts touched, and knowing there is a proper pat-down procedure for transgender inmates, I informed him that I was transgender, and presented myself for the pat-down. He passed his hands over my breasts despite the notification, using the palms of his hands.

I informed him that he was not supposed to do that, and he replied that he was allowed to, because this is a male prison and “you are a man”, which distressed me greatly, given the tone of his disrespect. I felt so violated.

CO J****** was the only officer present, but the violation was witnessed by several inmates.

27-Feb-2018 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

Officers G******, C******, and S****** brought me to Operations in Yard Control. I brought up instances when transgender inmates were treated differently; how officers would repeatedly threaten us with SMU (solitary confinement) for requesting proper transgender pat-down procedures as outlined in policy. CO C****** expressed frustration over my continued insistence that transgender inmates require special treatment and claimed that there was no special policy for transgender inmates. He further insisted that I only “alleged” I was trans, and that “alleging” to be trans does not qualify me for special policy.

02-Mar-2018 @ Evening | Eyman – Meadows Unit

CO B****** pulled me aside in chow hall and asked why I was “causing trouble”, and that the incident I reported was now on file, and it might affect my visitation rights because it “creates too many issues for me to be allowed up there.”

04-Mar-2018 @ Morning | Eyman – Meadows Unit

I received a pat-down coming back from morning meds by CO F******. He was passing hands over the chests of inmates ahead of me. I remained silent. He touched my breasts with the palms of his hands rather than using that backs of his hands as instructed in policy. Lt. C****** and Sgt. Cu***** were close by, watching the pat-down. It was noticed that another transgender inmate did not have her chest touched during the same pat-down by the same officer.

Sep-2018 @ 1440 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

I was on my way to medical to pick up my evening hormone medication. CO R****** was at the gate, and when I informed her I needed to pass to get my medication, she claimed I could not because West Side meds were already called and East side meds were now over (despite an announcement calling both West and East meds just moments before this conversation). I informed her that my chrono said meds were open until 1530, but she told me “that’s not how it works.” I asked her why she was preventing me from getting my meds, reaffirming that meds were still open, and she told me that I was the only one preventing me from getting my meds because I was late.

CO R****** then told me to stop arguing and that I need to “wipe that smug grin off your face.” Unfortunately, it was evident that couldn’t tell the difference between “smug” and “annoyed”, and she threatened that she would have my entire building searched except for my house (to make me look like a snitch), and that everyone would lose many of their personal items. This was phrased as a bargain, or a consequence of her letting me cross.

I agreed to the terms, and crossed, not happy that she was threatening to make me a target among my fellow unit-mates.

I promptly acquired my meds, and noticed CO R****** was clinging to the fence, watching me intently. She then crossed the divider and walked over to medical while I was getting my meds, and on exit, she was questioning several inmates about what side of the yard they lived on. I then proceeded home to the East side yard; CO R****** followed me. On my way back through the center gate, I received a pat-down by CO D****** and continued on. CO R****** demanded that I stop, and I complied. She then told me she was watching me closely, and that she saw me not getting in line. She then accused me on only crossing to visit other inmates on the West side. I took out and showed her my chrono, and informed her that I did get in line. After some disagreement, she reviewed my chrono and saw that, yes, I do in fact get PM meds. She handed the chrono back to me and said that she would be coming by my housing area soon, as if to imply that she would be following up on her threat.

02-Dec-2018 @ 1030 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

A partial strip search was performed in our run. Everyone was asked to remove their shirts and stand in front of their bunks. I waited until CO Co***** was before me before informing him I was not comfortable removing my shirt in front of everyone, as I have female breasts, and I requested that a female officer perform the visual inspection. CO Co***** denied my request for a female officer even though one was available (Capt. S******), and I was instead directed to the shower area for the search. CO Co***** inspected me alone in the shower. Co*****’s attitude was flippant for the duration of the search.


19-Dec-2018 @ 1500 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

I received a knuckle-body check. Of all the other transgender inmates in the run, only I was asked to step into the shower to strip by CO B******, who runs visitation, and who I had issues with before. CO O****** ran the other aisle of the run, and did not ask any of the other transgender inmates to strip in the shower; I was singled out for reasons unknown. I was asked by CO B****** to lift up may shirt (breasts still covered) and do a rotation.

02-Jan-2019 @ 1200 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

I went to medical for chronic care related to gender identity disorder. The doctor asked how I was doing with my GID, and I told her how for the entirety of 2018 my hormones had been out of appropriate ranges, and my HRT medication was always modified incorrectly on that basis. She brought up my last blood screening, and commented that my ranges were normal. I told her no, my estrogen levels should be 100-200, and she opined otherwise, claiming that hormones should be at a 2:1 ratio, and the software said my levels were fine. I informed her that the software was wrongly assuming that I was male, but she insisted that 100-200 was too high, and would cause moodiness. She again reaffirmed that hormones should be 2:1.

I was scheduled for more blood work, soon, and she told me that she would wait for the new results before she adjusted my HRT meds. I left shortly thereafter, not wanting to antagonize someone who thought they were right. I asked another transgender woman about levels and she confirmed that they should be 100-200. I also remember a prior doctor correcting my dosage after she learned it needed to be in that range.

Update: This issue was never rectified. When I was released from prison on Oct 30th, 2019, my hormone levels were still off. I saw a doctor on the outside who confirmed my hormone levels were in fact out of range for a transgender woman, and corrected my dosage for the first time in 18 months.

05-Jan-2019 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

I discovered that my finasteride (anti-hair-loss medication (taken for life)) prescription had been allowed to expire on Jan 4th without my notice. I reordered the medication, and I was given the status of pending. This was eventually corrected by the prison nurse line.

07-Jan-2019 @ 1330 | Eyman – Meadows Unit
I was leaving the library when CO Sh***** pulled me aside for a pat-down. Disregarding policy, CO Sh***** touched my breasts with open hand.

10-Jan-2019 @ 1530 | Eyman – Meadows Unit
While crossing the center gate between East and West yard, I was stopped by CO V****** for a pat-down. CO V****** grabbed my breasts. I responded, “Whoa! Don’t do that!” He ignored me and continued. He did not touch the chest of the other transgender inmates who were searched after me. This was witnessed and confirmed by other inmates.
17-Jan-2019 @ 1330 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

TSU entered 10-A for search. Was stripped out by male officer in easy view of other inmates.

18-Feb-2019 @ 1245 | Eyman – Meadows Unit
Stripped out by CO M****** (male officer) while leaving East Visitation.

28-May-2019 @ 1545 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

CO Du***** was distributing mail, and when I approached the bubble, CO Du***** asked me where my hair tie was. I responded that it was on my wrist. He told me that it needed to be used on my hair whenever I was out of my housing area. A man next to me named F****** joked that he better find his own hair tie (though he has short hair). I commented to F****** that according to DO810, I could wear my hair down, as DO810 allowed for styling my hair according to my gender identity.

CO Du***** disagreed, and claimed that DO704 was still in effect. I told him “no”, DO810 actually overrides DO704 (I’ve had to argue this several times before with other COs). He flippantly said he doubted that. I reaffirmed that DO810 gave me that privilege as a transgender woman, and he claimed he would have to look into it, but he was sure I was wrong.

28-May-2019 @ 1600 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

CO Du***** stopped at my house in the run and spent an unusually long time scribbling something down. Without a word, he finally wrote something on a scrap of paper, and stuffed it into the left lower pocket of his pants. My bunkmate was away at medical, and I informed him of such. CO D****** didn’t respond and moved on with count. I believe he wrote me up (or wrote down info that could be later used in a ticket) without ever putting me on report. It is likely that he wrote me down for other supposed violations as retaliation for correcting him on policy.

02-Jun-2019 | Eyman – Meadows Unit

CO Du***** stopped me as I was coming back from morning meds while he was working west-side chow hall line. He told me he looked up DO810 and it didn’t say anything in that policy about hair ties. I pulled out the relevant page of DO810 from my back pocket (I was prepared). He took it, tried to find a mention of DO704, and pointed it out under the Beard policy for female-to-male transgender inmates. I pointed that out to him – that DO704 addressed FTM transgender inmates – and that I am not female-to-male. CO Du***** asserted it still applied. I reaffirmed that he was wrong. CO Du***** then told me the next time he saw me in the run without a hair tie, he would write me up. I responded, “Great! I look forward to it!” and walked away.


03-Jun-2019 @ 1145 | Eyman – Meadows Unit
I was called out to Programs at this time, and was meet by SSU officers H******, R******, and Deputy Warden P******. CO H****** brought up the hair tie issue (long hair must always be tied up), and informed me that if I kept bring “trans stuff” up, that I would be sent to Cook Unit (High Security Yard (Meadows is Medium Security)). “Do you want to be sent to Cook Unit? Because you’ve got friends over there you write to, and I can make that move happen so you can be together.” It was the first time I heard this, and I have zero clue what he meant, and that’s what I said – “What?! I don’t write to Cook Unit!”

CO H****** sighed, said “okay, whatever”, and to “stop with the ‘sir-gal’ bullshit…”, (which I do not fully understand what he means by that) “…in letters”, and that I don’t get to talk to his officers that way. I clarified that this was a policy issue, to which Deputy Warden P****** remarked, “Okay, what other policy are you misinterpreting?” I still had the written policy on my person, so I pulled it out and explained that CO Du****** tried to assert that DO704 “Beard Policy” applied to my hair. CO H****** replied that DO704 is always in effect, and I don’t get special treatment as a transgender woman. Deputy Warden P****** jumped in and said that female inmates had to wear their hair up in a tie. I could tell that they had already made up their minds. They asked if I understood and would be compliant from now on, and I said “yes”, at which point CO H****** and CO R****** walked away to the center gate, and Deputy Warden P****** went to Programs.
[End Log]
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

From this point on, Farrah did not log or bring up further incidents with staff out of fear of retaliation. Farrah was released from prison on October 30th, 2019, and sought outside care to rectify the damage, both emotional and physical, that was neglected in prison.

--S. Warren, SoS Admin