Monday, December 11, 2017

Season's Giving: Gift Ideas for Sisk

Our team recently announced on Twitter (@SaveOurSisk) that Farrah had a CD player and could receive CD's via direct-from-publisher mail. The response to this news as astonishing, with many wanting to know how to set up orders and what music Farrah was interest in. Luckily, Farrah has provided us with a list so we don't have to guess:

(These items are not listed in any particular order; Highlighted items have already been claimed.)

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force OST
  • Basshunter
  • ABBA
  • O Brother, Where Art Thou OST
  • Johnny Cash
  • The Land Before Time OST
  • Signs OST
  • Empire of the Sun
  • M83
  • "Anything that lets me Rickroll someone"
  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
  • Men Without Hats
  • Credence Clearwater Revival
  • Undertale OST
  • Grand Budapest Hotel OST
  • Axis of Awesome
  • Monty Python: Life of Brian OST
  • Team America OST
  • Flash Gordon OST
  • Millennium Actress
  • The Martian OST
  • Sweeney Todd Demon Barber OST
  • Katamari Damacy OST
  • Journey
  • Oblivion OST
  • Mad Max Fury Road OST
  • Interstellar OST
  • MLP: Friendship is Magic OST
  • Guardians of the Galaxy OST v1
  • Guardians of the Galzxy OST v2
  • Swiss Army Man OST
  • Book of Eli OST
  • Bubba Ho-Tep OST
  • Children of Dune OST
  • Tron: Legacy OST
  • Joe Satriani
  • Armin van Buuren
  • Contact OST
  • Indiana Jones OST
  • FTL (The Video Game) OST
  • Les Miserables (The new one) OST
  • Solaris OST
  • Tenacious D
  • An American Tail: Fievel Goes West OST
  • The Prince of Egypt OST
  • Lady in the Water OST
  • Dropkick Murphys
  • Tigerlillies
  • Andrew WK
  • Sunshine OST
  • "Classical Music BS"
  • Weird Al
  • Lordi
  • Flogging Molly
  • Transistor OST
  • Portal OST
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Random J-pop or K-pop "for the lulz"
  • "Any awesome video game music"

Reminder that these must be purchased and ship from with purchase receipt enclosed, and all parts of Farrah's shipping address must be included in the order. Otherwise the order will be rejected by the prison. Orders from Barnes and Noble, Ebay, and Amazon are also currently being rejected. You cannot send personally owned media to the prison; all media must be mailed directly from the publisher.

Further reminder that you can also send books to Farrah using the same rules as above. However, we do not have a list of books to send at this time.

Finally, and most importantly, Farrah likes to hear from all of you, and you can send holiday cards in the mail. This is great if you still want to send something while sticking to a budget. A note reminding Farrah that she's in your thoughts is still the best gift she can receive.

As always, thank you all for your unending support. We are continually impressed with the kindness you provide, and Farrah is grateful to have you by her side.

--SSG Ops.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Stories from Sisk: A Life in Prison

There is a guy in here named Frank. I won't say what he did, but he's in here for life.
He's pretty old, and has already survived several heart attacks. He was almost given up on with the last one, but one of the nurses on this yard kept helping him when everyone else was ready to declare him dead. He actually did "die." His heart stopped, but they got it going again.
Frank has spent most of his life in prison, but that did not stop him from getting married. He has a prison penpal. They fell in love over letters. She would visit him. They finally tied the knot ... and had been together for 37 years, until her death.
Burglars broke into her home while she was still there. They beat her, broke her legs. She survived the encounter, but shortly there after she died from an infection related to the injuries suffered in that attack.
That was five years ago. Aside from the letter from her son telling him of her passing, he has not received another letter from another soul ever since. He hasn't sought another penpal.
Her kids hated Frank. They blamed him for their mother throwing her chance at love and a normal life away by marrying a man who would live the rest of his natural life in prison. She snapped back, though. She said it was her life, she loved him, she married him, and that was that.
I run into that guy nearly every day while picking up my meds. Some days he's in a wheelchair, other days he's got enough fight in him to make his way around with a cane.
I think about his story, and the stories of so many others on the yard. There are some I know that I'm like, yeah, they were right to send you here. Others are down to bad, dumb decisions. It doesn't excuse them, of course, but I have a lot of respect for the guys who own their crime, and try to better themselves.
But some need extra help, and that is what I spend most of my waking moments doing: counseling, advising, support.
Many of these guys are all but forgotten, so someone has to. They're people too, and they all have stories.

--Farrah B.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We Stand With Sisk

A video project put together by Farrah's fiancĂ©, and her many friends and followers, showing their support.
We stand with Farrah because she stands with us.

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Great American Eclipse - Be There Aug 21st!

Farrah is an avid fan of space exploration and astronomical phenomena. She would follow SpaceX launches, ISS experiments, and progress towards Mars missions with great interest. This month she would like to remind everyone that a total solar eclipse will be passing through the U.S. -- an event which has not happened since 1979.



She wants to encourage all of you, especially those who will be near the path of totality, to step outside and watch it! If you are in the path of totality, you won't get another chance in your area for 375 years, so don't miss it or you'll have to wait a long time! For all the info on where it will occur and how to safely view it, you can visit NASA's site.


Letter from Farrah - RE: Go see the eclipse!
(click to read) 

Don't forget that Farrah loves to hear from you, and would enjoy talking about space with you over snail mail, too!
--Chris M.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sisk Status - An Update on Farrah in Prison

It's been more than two months since Farrah was sent to Central Arizona Correctional Facility, a private prison owned and operated by the GEO Group.

Sadly, but fortunately, Farrah has become used to incarceration and adapts quickly to the environment. As with her stay in jail prior to this, she has established herself as a friendly asset among inmates, drawing artwork for all who ask, giving them something more than just written letters to send out to their loved ones. Letters from Farrah tell stories about interesting characters she has met there, including a grizzled man with much street experience who acts as her personal trainer as she gets fit in the 120F Arizona heat, a furry whose awkward start in the fandom may have found him more trouble than good, but he hasn't lost his spirit, and the ever diverse members of the LGBTQ group who help support Farrah and her needs during her stay.
Farrah has been working with the other inmates to address certain issues regarding LGBTQ care. Especially when it comes to the T, the prison often seems to be ill-suited to deal with LGBTQ needs. As of now, there seems to be no mechanism for having access to more than one bra in a male facility, regardless of bodily needs. Repeated attempts to purchase an additional bra from commissary have failed and now the issue has reached the attention of the warden and supply officer for the prison. Time will tell if an amicable resolution can be achieved. The prison also seem uncertain on how to address strip search policy when it comes to Trans individuals. The Prison Rape Elimination Act states that inmates have a right to request searches be administered by an officer of similar gender. However, the prison policy on this is fluid at best and these requests are not always met. That said, the situation appears to be improving as the issues are reported and these shortcomings in treatment are being addressed, albeit slowly. 
Outside of prison, SaveOurSisk has been working hard to keep up with managing Farrah's artwork. She makes a lot of work for us, but we're more than happy to see the rate at which she mails out new material. Last month, the team established a Patreon to collect donations that would allow us to continue promoting, processing, and funding Farrah's work. We're happy to report that, in only 2 weeks, we received enough pledges to ensure that Farrah's art will continue to have a place on the internet where all can see. With more pledges incoming we're able to improve our processes, dedication, and resources that help Farrah. And for those kind enough to offer a pledge, exclusive behind-the-scenes content will be made available on the Patreon gallery. Finally, as a way of saying thank you to everyone for their ongoing support Farrah will be releasing a definitive art guide in the next few weeks.
We're also seeing an exciting amount of gift art being created for Farrah by those following and supporting her on Twitter. For those unaware, SoS coordinates a biweekly mailer that gets sent to Farrah twice per month. If you mention @SaveOurSisk on your work, we will gladly include it our next mailer and feature it on our platform. Farrah has also been receiving your letters as well. She asked us to extend her gratitude for the kind words and encouragement to keep sending things her way. It makes every day in the hole a bit brighter.

Thank you all for your unwavering support. We couldn't do this without you. Stay tuned for more news on Farrah and her work in the future.
--SSG Ops.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Grand Victory - Packingham v. North Carolina

Monday, June 19th, 2017 marks an enormous step forward for SoS and Civil Rights Advocacy Groups everywhere. Earlier this week in the case of Packingham v. North Carolina, the Supreme Court of the United States deemed that law enforcement could not restrict internet access for anyone regardless of the severity of crime committed, citing that such actions were in violation of First Amendment Rights protecting free speech.

Many states across the nation revoke internet access to registered sex offenders, especially those on probation, making it a felony in some cases to so much as own a computer, smart device, or data-enabled cell phone. Aside from removing probationers from their right to speak, internet ban also eliminates any means of living successfully on probation, thus forcing probationers into a line of unavoidable probation violation and additional punishment. In Farrah's case, she was required to pay upwards of $1000 per month in combine monitoring and probation fees. Failure to pay said fees would result in imprisonment under conviction of violating probation. Yet, her livelihood in commissioned art was made unavailable to her by internet ban, and with most applications for employment residing strictly online, she was cut off from any means that would prevent her from violating the very system of rules that was enabling her to fail. Granting internet access to probationers is a major step in integrating them back into society and ensuring a proper path to rehabilitation can be obtained.

So what does this do for Farrah?

Unfortunately, while this is a landmark decision that will provide much good for many people, it came too late to help Farrah in the immediate future. Given that Farrah was imprisoned for her original crime and did not receive an additional sentence for probation violation, there is no case that can be made to reverse the prison sentence.

However, Farrah is slated to be placed back on probation pending her release from prison. But with this new federal standard in place, her access to the internet should remain intact and she will be allowed a means to support herself and with luck, return to her distant friends and family online.

Also, it should be stated that this decision by the SCOTUS is not a guaranteed change-all. As seen with such events in the past, this decision will set a precedent that will be interpreted differently and require varying amounts of time to implement between different states and justice departments. It could take up to a year to start seeing changes, and they may not be the changes we expect. It will be up to Civil Right organizations to continue to monitor and push these new regulations into an amicable application.

Despite the issues, this occasion is still very much a victory for Save Our Sisk and we're excited to see the changes to come. Our fight is not over, however! We're in close communication with Farrah and still working to ensure that she can one day make it home safely. There is much to do, but at the very least, this case tells us that we are not alone. Our fight has more hope than ever.

Be strong. Keep moving. Stay excellent.

--SSG Ops.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Farrah's Prison Arrangements - What We Know So Far

SoS received report this morning that Farrah has been moved to Central Arizona Correctional Facility (CACF), and private prison that primarily houses male sex offenders.
Information about the facility can be found here:
What we know:
 Farrah will not receive any form of protective custody outside of being housed with inmates of similar crimes and similar risk scores.

► Farrah has been allowed to verify that her housing and her house mates meet her safety needs.

► Farrah has met with both the staff and the LGBT inmate group within the prison who have both offered to look after her in regards to protection.

► Farrah will continue to receive her medication which includes HRT hormones.

► Despite the prison being a male facility, Farrah will be given a bra, and can purchase additional bras from commissary.

► In order to visit or make phone calls to Farrah, she will have to name you as a contact on her paperwork. Once the paperwork is filed, the prison will issue you an visitation application. Alternatively, you can fill out the application here:

► Farrah can receive regular mail (no longer restricted to postcards). Letters can by handwritten in ink, or typed and printed. Mail guidelines follow:

(Click image to enlarge)
Letters to Farrah can be sent in a regular stamped envelope addressed to:
Central Arizona Correctional Facility
Joshua Barney, 318833
P.O. Box 9600
Florence, AZ 85132
Our agents are working to acquire more information. We will continue to update as we learn more.
--SSG Ops.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sisk - A Gallery of Giving

There's a saying that "actions speak louder than words," and this is true. It's easy for one to talk with good intentions, but typically, a good deed only comes about when one takes the initiative to apply said intentions to the world or people around them.

Mentioned throughout this blog and across social media are a plethora of examples showing how Farrah has helped those around her by listening, talking, and giving advice. In instances like this words become actions and saying becomes doing, but rarely are such intangible actions seen or believed by onlookers. Many who come across this blog are oft not aware of the kindness that Farrah emanates. This is because Farrah never sought fame; she only wanted to leave the world a better place than she found it.

However, tangible evidence of her kindness exists in her art, and in this blog posting, we display the work she made as gifts to others over the past year.

Whether she's out in the real world... 

...Or living in isolated incarceration...


 ...Farrah uses her sense of humor...

...Combined with her capacity for empathy and compassion...

...To give people hope...

...To shed light on their lives...

...To remind them to cherish those around them...

...To make people smile...

 ...Or just to give someone a part of her story.

No matter what hardship she faces, Farrah always finds a way to improve the lives of those she meets. She uses whatever she has, even if it's only words written on a postcard from jail, to make the world a better place. Imagine what good she could do if she wasn't in prison; if she wasn't subject to probation or lifetime internet ban.
Maybe one day, with your help, that will be possible. For now, stay tuned here at and keep an eye on @SaveOurSisk on Twitter for updates and ways to help Farrah "Sisk" Barney.
You can see more of Farrah's art at her gallery on Weasyl and her blog, "Ask-Keis".
--SSG Ops.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Full Coverage - Farrah Sentenced to 3.5 Years

Ever since her release from jail in June 2016, Farrah has been living in Phoenix, Arizona out of an apartment that she funded with commissioned artwork and occasional donations from close friends. She attended weekly therapy at  per the requirements of her probation at a cost of $70 per visit.

In November 2016 Farrah found the bravery to open up to her therapy group about the traumatizing rape she experienced during her most recent stay in jail. For this, Farrah was accosted by her therapist, Mindy Effertz. In a separate meeting with Farrah and her probation officer, Therapist Mindy Effertz of Mountain Valley Counseling claimed that Farrah was taking an ill-deserved victim stance. Effertz also forbade Farrah from further discussing the rape she experienced in jail, claiming that it was a rhetoric intended to distract from treatment. In the same meeting, demands were issued by Effertz to shut down a fundraiser operated solely by the former Justice4Sisk Team - a charity group who banded together to assist in paying Farrah's extortionate legal fees. With no option to argue, Farrah agreed to these demands.

However, on December 7th, 2016 before the Justice4Sisk Team could take down the fundraiser, an enormous donation was made, pushing the fundraiser beyond its intended goal of $40,000 and causing the fundraiser to enter an automatic successful close. Two days later Farrah received a call from Effertz, informing her, without warning or reason, that she would be ejected from therapy. As ejection from therapy constitutes a violation of probation, Farrah immediately contacted her probation officer who informed her that they would discuss the issue at a later date.

On December 21st, 2016, police arrived at Farrah's apartment to search the residence and arrest Farrah on charges of probation violation. Farrah was later delivered to Lower Buckeye Jail in Maricopa county, AZ to await trial on these charges. When the news reached our team later that day, we reached out to the members of the former Justice4Sisk team, who used the remainder of the fundraiser monies to hire a defense attorney. Upon reviewing the case, the attorney was convinced that this case would be opened and closed, and Farrah would be released from jail shortly. Repeated delays due to scheduling errors on behalf of the jail turned Farrah's predicted 3 month jail stay into a 5 month stay.

On January 27th, 2017 Farrah's family visited her apartment to find all of her possessions stolen or destroyed in what could only be described as a targeted burglary. The only thing left behind by the perpetrator was a message to Farrah, using her birth name "Josh". The Phoenix Police Department is still investigating this incident.


Finally, Farrah's plea hearing came without further delay on May 15th, 2017. At this hearing, Farrah and her attorney intended to enter a not-guilty plea and request a future trial date. However, just before the start of the hearing, the prosecution announced a motion to be made in the event of trial. The motion requested and block on future communication and visitation between Farrah and anyone who was not part of her immediate family. This would mean that she would not be permitted to call, text, or see any of her friends who, in lieu of any family living in Arizona, are her only line of support. In attempt to avoid this motion and potentially becoming even more isolated, Farrah opted to block the motion by changing her plea to guilty for the count of probation violation.

For her guilty plea, Farrah was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, and to be returned to lifetime intensive probation upon release. Farrah was granted incarceration credit of 201 days towards her release for her 5 month stay in jail prior to the hearing. As of the writing of this article, Farrah's release date is currently set for August 10th, 2019.

SSG is keeping a close eye on this case. At this time, Farrah is still in processing, but once she is assigned to a yard, we will be able to provide a mailing address for her supporters to use to send her a variety of letters. Please continue to hold your mail to Farrah until we can provide this information. More updates to come soon.
--SSG Ops.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Farrah Sentenced to 3.5 Years

It is with a heavy heart that we must report Farrah has been sentenced to 3.5 years in prison following a probation revocation hearing on Monday 5/15/17. Per the hearing minutes, she will receive a credit of 201 days for her time in jail prior to the hearing, reducing her sentence to roughly 2.9 years. Upon release she will have served her time for count 2 of probation, but she will be restored to probation status for life on count 1. She will also be subjected to standards of intensive probation and continued internet ban following her release from the DOC.

SSG is still investigating this sentence. We are reaching out to our sources now and will provide more information here as such becomes available.

The hearts, prayers, and condolences of everyone here at SSG go out to Farrah, her family, and all of you that have supported her over the years. We are not done fighting.

--SSG Ops.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Farrah's Arraignment Hearing Postponed again

Unfortunately, we must report that Farrah's Arraignment Hearing has been postponed a second time.  The new date is May 15, 2017.  As of this time, no further information about possible charges is available.  We have not been able to verify the reasons for this latest postponement.  Farrah is doing alright, given current circumstances, and was not responsible for the change in dates.

We will provide updates when more information becomes available.  We apologize for the lack of details, but we felt it was important to avoid delaying this update.

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Question of Innocence

Benjamin Franklin once said, “That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer...” Sadly, that is no longer how the American justice system operates. There is a popular image of law enforcement in American culture today, of the brave district attorney fighting for the truth, whatever the truth really is. This comes with an implicit assumption held by the majority of the population that the legal system is heavily tilted in favor of the defendant. So, anyone convicted must have been very guilty. Innocent people have nothing to fear.

A few people have raised questions about Farrah’s innocence and why she plead guilty to any charges if she did nothing wrong. The short answer is the prosecution forced her into choosing between the very real chance of being wrongly convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of her life in prison, or pleading guilty to the least serious crime she was charged with. Juries are very unpredictable, moral outrage is sometimes enough if the evidence provides any doubt.

All the prosecution was required to do was add charge after charge until the risk of going to trial were so high compared to the offered bargain of probation was impossible to reject. Not only did the prosecution act legally, they acted in a way that has become perfectly normal. The complete lack of evidence did not matter. The prosecution is not required to prove anything during plea negotiations. The prosecution is not required to present or defend threatened charges in court.

This essay presents a more detailed look at plea bargaining, and the issues surrounding it.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Farrah's Arraignment Hearing Postponed

Farrah's Arraignment hearing has been postponed until March 1st due to the hospitalization of her attorney.  As of this time, no further information about possible charges is available.  The members of SSG hope her attorney makes a swift and complete recovery.  

We apologize for the delay in posting this update.  SSG strives to provide the most complete and accurate information possible, even if it requires longer than expected to verify that information.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Arraignment Hearing Today

Just a quick note that Farrah's Arraignment hearing is today. At this hearing, Farrah's charges will be officially read and formally recorded. As stated before, there is a chance that she may or may not be charged with an additional felony for an issues with registry administration. If felony is not pressed, then she will still face charges for alleged probation violation.

Please be aware that SSG is not immediately privileged to receive information related to hearings. We can only report on the outcome once the information has been released. Stay tuned for an update within 48 hours.

-- SSG Ops

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"Veil of Deception" by N. Clarke

We all live beneath a massive veil of deception that has been put on us since the moment we became self aware. Either by blissful ignorance or by choice, we live under the assumption that the world around us is a good place, and that all the problems and evil that permeates human society is far, far away and that there are systems in place to protect us. We are told that police are always there to help us, and that the justice system is there to make sure that the bad guys are punished and the good guys always win. We are meant to believe that every time a person is convicted of a crime, that person is guilty no matter what. How could they not be? They were convicted after all.
This is not always the case, though. Nothing is ever perfect, and the American justice system is no exception to that rule. Sometimes, mistakes are made. Sometimes, bad people are put in charge of cases. Sometimes, innocent people get hurt. It is times like these that the true darkness of society rears its ugly head and most of us are content to just look away and ignore it, lest we see beyond the veil and are forced to accept that the evil in the world is much closer to us than we care to admit. We would much rather just go along with the mistakes and treat the person as guilty simply because we are told it is so. We don’t know the person’s story, we don’t know the context of what happened, we can’t even say for 100% certain that they are actually guilty, we just assume they are because that’s what the justice system said.
In times when innocents are hurt by the justice system, it should be up to society to pick up where the justice system failed them, and yet that doesn’t happen. The courtroom is the be-all end-all of these matters, and that is what society will choose to believe. There are some crimes that fling society into a moral panic as well, and a person accused of such a crime is often deemed guilty before they even step foot in court, and that results in some of the most unthinkable horrors human society can inflict upon a person being forced upon an innocent person who was simply a victim of circumstance. And what happens when these people are chewed up and spat back out of the justice system that failed them? Society treats them like sub-human garbage. They are seen as horrible monsters devoid of any humanity or feelings and are treated as such, because if they aren’t then society is forced to admit that it was wrong, that the justice system isn’t perfect, and that the veil exists and there is an actual world beyond it that isn’t pretty, and sadly, this fact also makes it difficult to bring about change.
We’d rather sit back and believe that everybody convicted of a crime is guilty, and that false convictions are rare and would never EVER happen to anybody we care about. We’d rather hide behind the veil of ignorance and believe that we are safe. But that can’t happen. Not anymore. Too many innocent people suffer under the boot of a justice system that has long since become a greed-fueled entity that exists not to serve justice, but to serve the interests of the parties overseeing cases. Police departments get to look like they’re doing a good job. Judges get to look like they’re being tough on crime. Attorneys get paid huge sums by feeding off the desperate. Private jails get more and more money the more inmates they house. The state gets a constant stream of money from probationers paying huge fees that they have to skip meals just to afford or risk going to prison. And this all is allowed to happen because the public would rather think that the system is benevolent and always does good than admit that the system put in place to protect them is broken.
That is exactly why it is time for people to stand up and demand change. Demand justice reform. What will it take for people to see beyond the veil? Will it take their loved one getting accused of a crime they didn’t commit and driven into crippling debt to prove their innocence? Will it take somebody’s son getting accused of a heinous sex crime that he couldn’t have possibly committed but found guilty anyway because of courtroom bias? Will it take somebody’s mother committing suicide because her reputation was destroyed by a false accusation and her family came under constant scrutiny?
You might say “oh that will never happen to me or anybody I know”. Well Farrah Barney probably thought that too. Her family probably assumed they would never have to go through what they have. Her friends probably assumed that nothing like that would ever happen to her. But it did. The fact is that it can happen to anybody who leaves the house, anybody who interacts with other people, anybody who is a part of society is at risk of becoming another casualty of the failings of the American justice system, and we must all stand up and work together to stop this. Make no mistake, innocent people are being wrongfully punished, some with slaps on the wrist, others have their entire lives and futures destroyed, and more people will continue to fall victim to this unless we all choose to see beyond the veil and open our eyes to the brutal truth of our imperfect world. Then, and only then, can we all start working together to make a better place for everybody.

--N. Clarke

Friday, January 20, 2017

An Inauguration Day Message from SoS

Today is a day of uncertainty, doubt, and insecurity in the United States. Many of us fear what may be in store for the future and we have little way to know what will come.

In these times, the best we can do is pray that the powers that be will do what's right to help those who need it most. We should not assume the worst but we should plan for the occasion.

For in the event that they fail in their responsibility to guide and help the people, we will have to look to each other for support. In this, however, we are more than capable.

This has been shown repeatedly in the last few months as organizations committed to forego profit to provide free and accessible service to those most in need, celebrities used the height of their fame to shine light on the little person, religions embraced those that would normally be shunned, and funds were raised by countless groups to ensure that even the hopeless would have a chance.

We are a strong people capable of making America great again in selfless ways. By banding together with an open heart and mind, we will secure our freedoms. Despite our differences in appearance, culture, history, and orientation, we are all people and our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will not be halted by policy, bigotry, labels, stigma, or hate.

So hold tight to those you care about, and if you can help, do as much as you can. It is, after all, the people that define a nation.


This message has been posted to all SSG efforts, but we feel that it is especially important here, as it goes in line with the lesson that Farrah "Sisk"  Barney left for us.

-- SSG Ops

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Send Postcards to Sisk - UPDATE

SoS has recently learned that Sisk is able to receive drawings via postcard!
Please note that the postcard must be metered (available for $.50 at the post office) and your drawing must be accompanied with a note.  The note to Sisk can be written on the back of the card, but it must be included somewhere to avoid your postcard being rejected.
Your postcard must also adhere to the standard Jail Mail rules below:
Please check out our "Contact US" page for address and additional info.


-- SSG Ops

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Send Postcards to Sisk

For her protection, Sisk has been placed in protective custody. This keeps her safe, but also leaves her in isolation.

But you can help!

Sisk can receive postcards while in jail and would love to hear from her friends. For info on how you can reach out to Sisk, check out our "Contact US" page. If you want Sisk to write back, be sure to include a return address on your postcard.

A Hasty Start to a Prominent Goal - Welcome

Welcome to - Your central repository of information, reports, news, and opinions regarding Farrah "Siskmarek" Barney and her tragic situation.

We invite you to get to know Sisk by checking out the "About Sisk" page, and then discover the adversity she faces by heading over to "Sisk's Story".

It is with regret we must report that the start of SaveOurSisk was hastily moved up in response to recent unfortunate events. Many aspects of this site are still under construction and we ask that you bear with us while we get the site up to standard. Keep in mind that this effort is just one of many operated by the Social Saviors Group and resources are allocated according to priority. Nonetheless, we will do our best to keep you updated as more news becomes present.

Sisk Report - 2017/01/17:

Sisk is presently in jail in Maricopa County, Arizona awaiting a hearing to find out what she will be charged with. Much information is currently up in the air but the following is what we know.

1. Farrah was discharged unexpectedly from group therapy on December 9th. Normal protocols were not followed.

2. Farrah was arrested for unspecified probation violations after her apartment was searched on December 21st.

3. Farrah is currently held at the Lower Buckeye Jail. As a transgendered woman in a male facility, she requested protective custody for her safety.

4. The prosecution is considering additional charges related to her alleged failure to file all the required paperwork. These are felony charges.

5. Farrah has a skilled attorney to defend her against the probation violations. The additional charges would require additional resources. Farrah's current attorney would be able to represent her, but that would come with an increase in attorney fees. Farrah's attorney has estimated it will require $15k to defend her against the additional charges.

6. Farrah will be formally charged on January 31st. The date for the trial will be set at that point.

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-- SSG Ops.