Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sisk Status - An Update on Farrah in Prison

It's been more than two months since Farrah was sent to Central Arizona Correctional Facility, a private prison owned and operated by the GEO Group.

Sadly, but fortunately, Farrah has become used to incarceration and adapts quickly to the environment. As with her stay in jail prior to this, she has established herself as a friendly asset among inmates, drawing artwork for all who ask, giving them something more than just written letters to send out to their loved ones. Letters from Farrah tell stories about interesting characters she has met there, including a grizzled man with much street experience who acts as her personal trainer as she gets fit in the 120F Arizona heat, a furry whose awkward start in the fandom may have found him more trouble than good, but he hasn't lost his spirit, and the ever diverse members of the LGBTQ group who help support Farrah and her needs during her stay.
Farrah has been working with the other inmates to address certain issues regarding LGBTQ care. Especially when it comes to the T, the prison often seems to be ill-suited to deal with LGBTQ needs. As of now, there seems to be no mechanism for having access to more than one bra in a male facility, regardless of bodily needs. Repeated attempts to purchase an additional bra from commissary have failed and now the issue has reached the attention of the warden and supply officer for the prison. Time will tell if an amicable resolution can be achieved. The prison also seem uncertain on how to address strip search policy when it comes to Trans individuals. The Prison Rape Elimination Act states that inmates have a right to request searches be administered by an officer of similar gender. However, the prison policy on this is fluid at best and these requests are not always met. That said, the situation appears to be improving as the issues are reported and these shortcomings in treatment are being addressed, albeit slowly. 
Outside of prison, SaveOurSisk has been working hard to keep up with managing Farrah's artwork. She makes a lot of work for us, but we're more than happy to see the rate at which she mails out new material. Last month, the team established a Patreon to collect donations that would allow us to continue promoting, processing, and funding Farrah's work. We're happy to report that, in only 2 weeks, we received enough pledges to ensure that Farrah's art will continue to have a place on the internet where all can see. With more pledges incoming we're able to improve our processes, dedication, and resources that help Farrah. And for those kind enough to offer a pledge, exclusive behind-the-scenes content will be made available on the Patreon gallery. Finally, as a way of saying thank you to everyone for their ongoing support Farrah will be releasing a definitive art guide in the next few weeks.
We're also seeing an exciting amount of gift art being created for Farrah by those following and supporting her on Twitter. For those unaware, SoS coordinates a biweekly mailer that gets sent to Farrah twice per month. If you mention @SaveOurSisk on your work, we will gladly include it our next mailer and feature it on our platform. Farrah has also been receiving your letters as well. She asked us to extend her gratitude for the kind words and encouragement to keep sending things her way. It makes every day in the hole a bit brighter.

Thank you all for your unwavering support. We couldn't do this without you. Stay tuned for more news on Farrah and her work in the future.
--SSG Ops.  

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