Friday, August 4, 2017

The Great American Eclipse - Be There Aug 21st!

Farrah is an avid fan of space exploration and astronomical phenomena. She would follow SpaceX launches, ISS experiments, and progress towards Mars missions with great interest. This month she would like to remind everyone that a total solar eclipse will be passing through the U.S. -- an event which has not happened since 1979.



She wants to encourage all of you, especially those who will be near the path of totality, to step outside and watch it! If you are in the path of totality, you won't get another chance in your area for 375 years, so don't miss it or you'll have to wait a long time! For all the info on where it will occur and how to safely view it, you can visit NASA's site.


Letter from Farrah - RE: Go see the eclipse!
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Don't forget that Farrah loves to hear from you, and would enjoy talking about space with you over snail mail, too!
--Chris M.

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