Friday, July 13, 2018

Looking Ahead: Facing Future Obstacles

As of writing this entry, Farrah has 13 months until release according to her ADoC prison profile. However, SoS believes (pending confirmation) that Farrah's release date will be pushed to 15 months, as she received a prison violation for refusing housing to avoid being raped/harmed by her bunk mate. Regardless of release date, things are going to be rough for Farrah, her family, and her friends when she finally walks out of prison. The SoS team has been conferring with legal counsel to see what, if anything, can be leveraged or modified, but if nothing changes, expect the status quo for Farrah to be as follows:

  • Farrah will be released, not as a free woman, but on intensive probation.
    • Intensive probation can cost up to $1,000 per month depending on the restrictions applied.
    • Intensive probation will likely include:
      • GPS ankle monitoring.
      • Daily meetings and frequent searches with police.
      • Submitting a daily itinerary outlining where Farrah will be, when, and why?
      • Asking permission and reporting to the APD for each person she meets.
      • Requiring permission for any electronics prior to possession.
      • Restriction from internet use to include smart phone possession.
      • Restriction from travelling outside of Maricopa County.
      • Curfew that restricts her from being out when the sun isn't up.
      • And all normal restrictions under regular probation.
  • Farrah will not yet qualify for interstate compact, and she will have to serve her initial probation in Arizona.
  • Farrah will have to pay restitution for the legal costs of the hearings she received both prior to and during her stay in prison.
  • Farrah was robbed of everything in January 2017 after she was jailed in December 2016.
    • She lost all of her identifying papers, drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, and bank cards.
    • She also lost her car, all of her clothes and shoes, her phone, art supplies, physical artworks, cards, and gifts the she received over the year that she was living in AZ.
    • Finally, using her stolen bank cards, the perpetrators cleaned out her bank accounts.
  • When Farrah is released, she will have nowhere to go and nothing but a set of loaner clothes and orders to register with the probation office within 24 hours.

It's critical that Farrah gets what she needs to meet the orders of probation. Failure to comply with probation or restitution will result in an added prison sentence of up to an additional 3 years. If this happens, it will not remove any standing charges, and Farrah will have to start intensive probation over again. This cycle can continue indefinitely until she complies. Here's a short list of what Farrah will need to comply with the basics of probation:

  • A residence with an address in Maricopa County.
    • Must be approved by the APD.
    • Can be a house, apartment, or rented room.
    • Must be at least 500ft away from schools, parks, and churches
      • Depending on the reviewing officer, distance restriction may also include gun stores, adult stores, and shopping malls.
    • Must not have firearms in the residence.
    • Must not have porn or adult items readily accessible.
    • Must not have marijuana or other illegal substances.
  • Employment.
    • Preferably fulltime, but part time work can be argued for compliance if fulltime is unavailable.
    • Preferably no computer use. If computer use is necessary, the place of business must agree to have the systems audited by the APD.
  • Reliable Transportation.
    • A bus pass would suffice as long as she can get to and from work, therapy, and PO visits.
  • Therapy.
    • Farrah has been barred from returning to her former therapist (no loss).
    • Ultimately, the APD will decide where Farrah will attend sex offender therapy, but there are ways to leverage this decision towards a better option.
  • Money (as much as we hate to say).
    • Farrah will be immediately required to pay off her legal fees and registration fees for probation.
    • There are no payment plans and these fees are rarely waived.
    • Failure to pay will result in additional prison time.

Please note that the above information isn't a request for money; it's meant to paint a picture of what we and Farrah will face at the time of her release. That said, if you have contacts, knowledge, or anything you're willing to offer, it would go a long way in helping us keep Farrah from additional punishment.

Thanks to modest donations from friends and family, SaveOurSisk will be able to repurpose our Patreon as a savings account from now until Farrah's release, at which point we will donate those saved funds to cover some of the item illustrated above. We want to give a massive thanks to everyone who has been contributing Patreon for all this time. Keep it up! Every little bit helps; especially now.

We will keep you updated as things develop.

--SSG Ops.